Changes to NVCP Reimbursement Program

We received notice from Walman Optical that they will no longer be collecting or subsidizing your NVCP dues. This means that work sent to Walman will no longer put you on the higher tiered reimbursement schedule.

Market conditions have required a change in the way NVCP will be approaching our dues system and how it affects our doctors.
New rules from the FTC have necessitated changes to the way labs can handle incentive programs of all kinds, including our laboratory billed dues. To comply with these new rules, our current lab dues billing will end, effective immediately.

Going Forward.
Recently, NVCP elected to move toward a tiered reimbursement schedule to help you save money. This system will allow us to continue to fight for you in Nebraska. Each doctor in the practice can choose either to pay dues or submit lab work and receive the higher tier reimbursements, or to forgo the payments and accept the lowered tier.


The secret to making vcd plus and new reimbursements work for you
NVCP’s goal has always been to support independent optometry in Nebraska and bring better paying vision plans to our doctors. Your dues have supported programs that help us promote your practice and our professions across Nebraska and has supported boots on the ground in the form of a state sales director. 

With the large conglomerates flexing their muscles and acquiring more and more of the independent labs and affinity groups it’s more important than ever for doctors to join forces to preserve our independence. 

We need you to complete this form in order to remain on the panel seeing VCD patients. Please print and complete the form, then fax to 801.466.4113 or email