It’s time to take a stand for Independent Optometry


IECP wants to help bring together as many stakeholders as possible so independent doctors of optometry can be a part of a united front that is in the position to capitalize on opportunities that have been created by our ever changing health care environment.

Doctors of optometry have always been able to come together to improve circumstances for our profession and our patients. Working through state associations and the political process doctors who compete for the same patients have seen that if they work together they can positively affect legislation that allows them to practice full scope care. This benefits patients, the health care system and society.

Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) are also working in concert with state optometric associations all over the country. We also believe that doctor alliance and affinity groups can follow the example of competing providers to unite in a way that will bring value to each of them and the doctors they serve. Each alliance offers benefits and value to their member doctors. IECP would like to work with those groups and others to be sure that providers needs are met and optometry has a place at the managed care table.

IECP and the state IPAs bring a low cost or no cost value add to doctors and are creating new and innovate approaches to the market that can help doctors compete , survive and flourish. Join us and be a part of the revolution in eye care.

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