The online threat to your practice

It’s no secret – retail chains and online optical shops are a formidable threat to your practice. While your devotion and dedication to your patients has earned their loyalty, the constant advertising and low-end pricing of these companies is pushing them to buy materials elsewhere.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a solution to give your patients cutting-edge technologies they can’t get anywhere else at a price that still competes with these big box and online retailers?

Now You Do!

VCD Labs is the new virtual lab interface brought to you by your IPA, Vision Care Plus, and Independent Eye Care Professionals / Vision Care Direct. VCDLabsHQ

Latest in Lens Technology

Acuity PAL: High-end full back surface free form digital lens

Identity PAL: Frametized lens that can be fully customized for several wear types

Upgrage SV: Free form single vision lens for greater Rx variance

Resolution® Polycarbonate: Patented compressed polycarbonate that virtually eliminates all birefringence with optical quality that rivals Trivex®.

Unbeatable Pricing

The VCD Labs Complete Eyewear packages a frame (from our 48-piece kit), lens and anti-reflection coating for one price

Uncuts and frame to follow options are also available

Special Medicaid pricing will be provided in the next four to six weeks that provides an even greater savings on your Medicaid jobs.

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