Action Items for Saving Independent Optometry

IECP is an organization created to do anything possible to preserve the practice of independent optometry. If you’d like to see this way of serving patients stick around, rather than go the way of independent pharmacies, here are a few ways to get involved.


As an organization of independent optometrists, we hate vision plans. So we created one that, due to it’s permanent ownership by a network of independent optometrists, will always serve the interests of the OD rather than than stockholders or CEOs that care more about profits than patient health outcomes.

  1. Sign up to accept Vision Care Direct
  2. Refer your local VCD rep to area businesses that you’d like to see using VCD
  3. Order Vision Care Direct brochures to share with your patients

VCD Labs

VCD Labs provides the highest quality materials at prices that are fair to optometrists. You don’t have to charge $300+ to a patient to provide an excellent set of glasses and vision plan.

  1. Register for a VCD Labs account
  2. Order 1-2 jobs a week, and measure the quality of the materials and the benefits to your profits.

Share Information

Many patients just don’t know the benefits of an independent optometrists. Take to social media, email marketing, and in person discussions about the importance of a few basic topics, and they’ll start to value you as much as you value them.

  1. Vision Tests vs. Comprehensive Eye Exams and the 16+ diseases that can detected early in the eyes.
  2. Customized lens fittings, and the dangers of ordering online
  3. Early vision tests for children, before schooling begins
  4. Availability of Vision Care Direct

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