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The optometric industry is losing its independence. Frames suppliers that seem bent on monopolizing the industry are rapidly expanding retail operations that create employee doctors. They bought vision plans and began diminishing reimbursements to doctors and minimizing benefit to patients.

When Vision Care Direct was formed by a group of working ODs, it was for the explicit purpose of creating an alternative in the vision plan marketplace. We want optometry to remain viable for those who wish to own an independent practice, and care for their patients on their own terms.

We are often reminded that other vision plans have been created by doctors with the best of intentions, but end up getting bought out and within a few years they taking profit away from doctors and giving it to CEOs and investors instead.

The check that keeps VCD in balance and assures that we operate in doctors best interest is our structure as a conglomerate of state IPAs who have a controlling stake in how the vision plan operates through their board members.

We actively put money back into promoting independent optometry by employing sales representatives that work to grow the vision plan in your state, and by paying independent practice optometrists better than any other plan.

Right now PLUS plans are our best bet for growing in states, and we need more providers in your area. If you aren’t already, please take a moment to review the PLUS plans and consider upgrading to PLUS provider status.

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