Benefits and Services

IECP Provides a Network to Get Involved in ACOs and PCMHs, Discounts with Top Vendor Allies, a Doctor-Owned Vision Plan, Optometry Conferences… and Much More!

As an optometrist or office manager of an independent private practice, we know your first priority is taking care of patients. This means… other activities like sales and marketing, business development or researching how you can save your practice money often get pushed to the wayside. That’s where we come in.

Independent Eye Care Professionals (IECP) is passionate about giving independent private practices like yours an advantage. We’ve partnered with 24 state Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) – with more partnering every month – to offer providers a network to get involved in ACOs and PCMHs, discounts with top vendor allies, a doctor-owned vision plan, optometry conferences and services to grow your practice!

Benefits and Services for IECP Providers

Assistance Getting Involved in ACOs and PCMHs

With the Affordable Care Act and the privatization of healthcare, many of our providers want to get involved in Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes. As an IECP provider, we can help alleviate some of the expense and redtape by providing the network for you.  An added benefit is that we can control the reimbursements paid to you so you’re not forced to take pennies on the dollar!

Vendor Ally Program

IECP works for our IPA stockholders and their participating doctors to bring real value. Our Vendor Ally program is designed to save our doctors money and provide funding to market optometric services through our doctor-owned vision plan, Vision Care Direct, and other plan offerings. Check out our impressive list of vendors for frames, lenses, contact lenses, equipment, equipment repair and service agreements, services, office supplies and specialty vendors.

IECP Vendor Allies

Optometry Conferences and Events

IECP offers exclusive, members-only optometrist conferences and events throughout the year. In addition to these valuable networking opportunities, free optometry CE classes are offered on a regular basis.

Optometry Conferences and Events

Doctor-Owned Vision Plan

Vision Care Direct is IECP’s doctor-owned vision plan. As such, VCD cuts the middle man out, allowing patients to pay smaller premiums while doctors are able to provide better care for a higher profit. VCD features innovative plan designs and unmatched doctor reimbursements.

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Claims Administration

More and more companies are moving toward the self funding model as a way to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and save valuable resources. Our completely redesigned claims administration platform allows us to create unique vision plans to meet the needs of any company.

Benefits and Services for IPAs in Our Network

A valuable resource IECP brings to our IPAs is a dedicated business development team.Business Development

A valuable resource IECP brings to our IPAs is a dedicated business development team. This division will bring a wide variety of tools to our owner IPAs to help them build their businesses and ensure success on a state by state level. ​Programs like website development, social media programs, vendor ally rebate tracking and state dues program administration are just a few of the services that are available to our state owned IPAs through our business development team.

IECP helps developing IPAs find, train and support sales professionals.Sales and Marketing

IECP helps developing IPAs find, train and support sales professionals.  In some cases, during an IPA’s early development, IECP will help neighboring states share a sales director and provide critical oversight, education and direction. Once these IPAs have found success IECP will help them transition into managing a full time sales director. ​IECP has also developed a Customer Relations Management (CRM) that will help sales personnel better manage their time and resources and provides an important communication and tracking tool for sales teams across the country.

Get assistance with ACOs and PCMHs, discounts with top vendor allies, a doctor-owned vision plan, optometry conferences and services—join IECP today!

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